Jeffrey Hyde, Ph.D.

  • Associate Director of Programs
Jeffrey Hyde, Ph.D.
323 Agricultural Administration Building
University Park, PA 16801
Work Phone: 814-865-5666
Fax: 814-863-7776

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Media
  • Investment Analysis and Technology Adoption

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  1. Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Purdue University (2000)

Recent Publications

Smith, R.G., M.E. Barbercheck, D.A. Mortensen, J. Hyde, and A.G. Hulting. 2011. Effects of Cover Crop and Tillage System on Crop Yields, Weed Abundance and Net Returns During the Transition to Organic Feed Grain Production. Agronomy Journal 103(1):51-59.

Kelley, K.M., J. Hyde, R. Crassweller, and J. Travis. 2010. Assessing Consumer Preferences of Apple Scab-Resistant Cultivars: A Sensory Evaluation. HortTechnology 20:885-891.

Mischler, R., W. Curran, S. Duiker, and J. Hyde. 2010. Use Of a Rolled Rye Cover Crop For Weed Suppression in No-Till Soybeans. Weed Technology 24(3):253-261.