Pennsylvania Farmers Celebrate Key Achievements

Posted: December 18, 2012

Still Much to Accomplish! Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) says farm families will significantly benefit from recent changes to state laws that provide exemptions from considerable tax burdens and remove obstacles impacting agriculture transportation.

Farm Bureau, however, warns that the clock is running out on Congress to address critical financial issues affecting farm families across the United States.
"The future is brighter for Pennsylvania Farmers, and for generations of farmers to come, now that they are exempt from the state inheritance tax and the realty transfer tax when a family-owned farm enterprise changes its business structure," said PFB President Carl T. Shaffer, during a news conference at PFB's 62nd Annual Meeting in Hershey. "I've already heard of one family who will be receiving a refund of more than $10,000 as a result of the change in the realty transfer tax law."  
Farm Bureau notes that aside from working with lawmakers to amend the tax laws, PFB achieved another top legislative priority through the enactment of legislation that updates the state vehicle code.