Resource Management:Saving Money In Small Ways

Posted: May 24, 2011

Many families continue to experience economic challenges. Regardless if your income has dropped or not, everyone appreciates finding ways to save money.

Saving money includes spending less money as well as not actually spending any money. Look over the list below and see if there might be some tips for you to save money in some small ways:

  • $ Reduce your medical expenditures by practicing healthy habits like exercising and eating nutritious snacks and meals.
  • $ When possible request generic equivalents of prescription drugs. Determine if your prescription qualifies for a 90-day rather than 30-day refill. This can often save money as well as the cost of visiting the pharmacy and risking making impulse purchases.
  • $ Visit local farm markets and consider buying quantities of fresh produce that can be frozen. Visit the farm market at the end of the day as you may also be able to negotiate a bargain.
  • $ When eating out, look for “early bird specials” and restaurant discount coupons. Many small restaurants place coupons in the weekly localized papers to help support their community.
  • $ When visiting yard sales, flea markets, and small retailers, try negotiating lower prices. Ask “Is this your best price?” or “Are there any discounts if I…… (buy more than one thing) or (spend x number of dollars). You might be surprised by the response, saving you money.
    Check out the reference web site: for more saving and spending tips under Small Steps to Health and Wealth