This Cow Lives Up To Her Promis

Posted: December 28, 2012

Everybody in the dairy industry loves to see a great cow, especially those wishing that cow was in their herd. That's the impetus behind Pennsylvania Holstein Association's favorite cow contest.
A DAIRY GOOD 'LOOKER': Windy Knoll-View's Promis is Pennsylvania Holstein Association's feature cow of the month.

A DAIRY GOOD 'LOOKER': Windy Knoll-View's Promis is Pennsylvania Holstein Association's feature cow of the month.


Windy-Knoll-View Promis-ET, bred and owned by James and Nina Burdette of Mercersburg, Pa., is December's feature cow of the month in the association's "Favorite Cows of Pennsylvania" contest. The contest is part of activities leading up to the association's 100th anniversary celebration.

Association members voted from among 24 entries selected by its anniversary committee. A painting done by Profiles editor Debbie Cornman will be unveiled and auctioned at the anniversary celebration, Nov. 8-10, 2013, in State College, Pa. Reproduced prints and notecards will also be available for sale during the celebration.

Promis fulfilled

Promis, 2E EX-95, GMD-DOM, is out of the Burdette's famous Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala and Startmore Rudolph. Born Sept. 5, 1997, she has 50 offspring in the Burdette herd. Holstein USA registry reports 62 females and 40 males, plus countless sons and daughters worldwide as a result of embryo sales.

Her most prominent sons are Power, EX-96 CAN, Pronto, EX-95 and Pro. She has 15 Excellent daughters, including Pledge, EX-95; GMD-DOM; Pammy, EX-95; and Pam, EX-94.

Promis has been a tremendous brood cow because of the consistent type pattern transmitted onto numerous sires and matings, according to the Burdettes. Her offspring are vigorous, long-lived cattle with high type, generating international appeal.

This cow has provided the family with many shining moments. She was their first Grand Champion of the All-American Dairy Show's Eastern National Holstein Show in 2003, and the first committee cow they owned to score EX-95.

Another highlight was when her daughter Pledge won the 5-year-old class and was the class Best Bred and Owned at World Dairy Expo, making Pledge their first home-bred International Holstein Show milking class winner. She was nominated for Global Cow of the Year in 2007.

At the seasoned age of 15, Promis is still one of a kind. The Burdettes say she poses for visitors like a celebrity. She'll knock down anyone carrying a feed tub. She cooperates only with the women of Windy-Knoll-View, according to the men of the family.

Watch for the next installment of the Famous Cows of Pennsylvania in January 2013.