Case Study 1 - Water Quality and Wildlife Control

A muskrat "run" into the pond

A muskrat "run" into the pond

A retired couple has just purchased a property with a small pond that they wish to develop into a Bed and Breakfast. They describe the pond as about 1/3 acre, very shallow (5 feet at the deepest point but mostly less than 3 feet), and covered with algae. The previous owner kept the land adjacent to the pond in lawn that was mowed right to the pond edge. Their primary goal for this pond is to create an attractive pond where guests can sit and enjoy the view or perhaps do some fishing but they do not plan to allow swimming. A flock of about 20 Canada geese lives on the pond most of the year. Muskrat dens are obvious around the edge of the pond. They indicate that they will spare no expense to make this pond into an attractive part of their property.

1. What could be done to discourage the geese and muskrats?

2. What sort of changes could be made to the pond to reduce algae growth, improve the appearance of the pond and make the pond more suitable for fish?