These four-day short courses teach the basics of arboriculture (tree care), including tree biology, tree risk assessment, tree planting, and other topics.

One-hour webinars held at noon on the second Tuesday of each month cover a variety of topics from arboriculture, includes landscape design, land use planning and regulatory policy.

Full-day workshops teach Low-Impact Development (LID) and other design and policy basics for better managing municipal storm water.

These classes focus on pruning small trees and shrubs, including training young shade trees. These classes are geared toward landscape professionals who care for a variety of plants in the landscapes they manage.

Tree Climbing School is designed to teach the fundamentals of safe tree climbing and maintenance. Major emphasis will be placed on learning the skills required to climb and prune trees.

A training program that empowers concerned residents to make dramatic strides towards restoring and caring for the tree canopy in their communities.