Nutrition, Diet, and Health

The Certified Food and Wellness Volunteer is a comprehensive (40 hour) course designed to prepare candidates for the community outreach in food and nutrition programs.

A monthly cooking class that features seasonal topics, each highlighted by the fruits and vegetables of that season or topics suggested by people attending the classes.

Diabetes afflicts an estimated 872,000 adults in Pennsylvania. Strategies include planning menus, limiting carbohydrates, controlling portions, and reading labels.

Unfortunately, people are frequently too busy, on a limited budget, or simply do not know how to make wise choices about food. U.S. Dept.

Each year, registered teams will take a virtual walk on a scenic route across Pennsylvania.

Having health insurance provides a safety net to your most important asset--good health.

In this four-class workshop, learn how apply the Mediterranean food and health principles to design your own healthy lifestyle, based on Pennsylvania foods.

Providing options for healthy food and physical activity during meetings can help everyone to work towards better health. As a meeting planner, this program will help you to create a healthier environment for your meeting.

Hands-on educational classes on nutrition

This curriculum is intended to improve the nutrition and health status of middle-aged and older adults.

Commit to growing stronger and feeling better about yourself. StrongWomen™ is a safe, effective strength-training and nutrition education program designed for individuals 40 and older who are interested in improving their health.

Totally Veggies is a curriculum designed for educators to encourage individuals and families to eat more vegetables and increase the varieties that they choose for better health.