This basic workshop on homemade wine quality and safety issues offers participants a hands-on opportunity to evaluate home winemaking practices, receive updates on new products, and learn common winemaking defects affiliated with small batch production.

Part of the Eastern Winery Exposition, this workshop is an intensive, practical and comprehensive overview of what is needed to start a commercial wine vineyard in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The workshop focus is terroir-driven (region-specific) wine making. Topics include vine and soil water relations, vine nutrition, wine making, and soil pit analysis.

This symposium follows the RAVE (research advances in viticulture and enology) progress at UC Davis and Cornell University.

This year's workshop focus is on post-Veraison disease and insect challenges that cause fruit rot and losses in crop quality.

This session presents a diverse viticulture and enology program at the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention.

The Wine Quality Improvement (WQI) workshop is a two-day training seminar that will discuss standard sensory evaluation with a focus on identification, prevention, and remediation of wine defects.

This annual one-day workshop offers entry-level information on winemaking calculations and theories including, but not limited to, making Brix adjustments, SO2 management, and YAN calculations.

A workshop on winery sanitation presented by Penn State and Cornell Extension enologists.