Business Management

A forum designed for consultants interested in examining their client's big picture by investigating current dairy records and budgets to make positive management decisions for the future.

Informal lunch meetings covering what's happening in the local dairy industry and issues that are important for you and your dairy operation.

A forum designed for dairy producers looking to use their current dairy records and budgets to make positive management decisions for the future.

This workshop will help producers to determine whether marketing value-added dairy is right for them.

Have a question about the Dairy Margin Protection Program in the Farm Bill also known as the MPP-Dairy? The Penn State Extension Dairy Team and the Center for Dairy Excellence invite you to learn what you need to enroll in MPP and what it means for your dairy!

This workshop is available for custom groups of dairy producers who have completed a cash flow plan in the past or are new to the program. This program is offered on demand with producer groups or industry sponsors.

This conference call series focuses on specific herd, crop, and business management strategies that can improve dairy farm profitability.

This workshop will provide producers with strategies that can be used on their farms to increase production and efficiency while minimizing associated costs. Especially when milk prices are down, it is important to make the most of every dollar on the farm.

An on demand course that teaches agricultural accounting principles within QuickBooks software. Plus the option of a supplemental online instructor help series.


Professional development opportunity for all agribusiness and extension educators who are in a sales or service role.

The annual event brings dairy producers and industry leaders together for discussions and hands-on farm management insights to expand their knowledge base.

The Penn State Raw Milk Workshop targets raw milk producers, educators, regulators, and others interested in the production and sale of raw milk.

This every-other-year conference provides a variety of topics to help dairy women in all facets of the industry. It is offered by the Penn State Extension Dairy Team and planned by a committee of dedicated dairy women.

Dairy Herd Management

This workshop is intended to help producers improve food safety and quality by decreasing the occurrence of residues and blemishes in animals marketed for beef.

An interactive workshop that educates producers, herd managers, farm employees and industry representatives on proper milking techniques and milking practices to produce a high quality product.

This workshop will cover aspects of calf feeding and management to help to reduce calf mortality/health issues and increase profitability on your farm.

Examines cropping strategies, the connection with feed management, and ultimately how this can be a win-win situation for profitability and improving the environment.

This program (taught both in English and Spanish) is an introductory level certificate program specifically designed for current and beginning dairy workers.

An interactive workshop that will educate producers, herd managers, farm employees, and industry representatives about various reproductive management topics based on your specific needs.

Lameness is a very significant health, production, and well-being problem on dairy farms. Various formats of the course (one-hour classroom session, whole-day workshops, on-farm instruction, etc.) are offered.

This program is a hands-on training designed to reduce newborn calf mortality on dairy farms.

Enjoy some ice cream while visiting with neighbors, touring a dairy farm, and learn new information at the Penn State Extension Dairy Twilight Tour!

Dairy producers have adopted grazing systems in an attempt to reduce the input costs and increase the profit margin per cow. This webinar series will cover current research and basic management issues of interest to experienced, novice, conventional and/or organic, dairy grazers and industry representatives that support them.

This multiday, intensive course teaches participants how to evaluate their current mastitis management practices and improve their on-farm culturing skills.

This program will focus on keeping high-producing dairy cows efficient and healthy by emphasizing good rumen health through feeding balanced high-forage rations with adequate effective fiber and proper feeding facilities.

There is growing interest in organic dairy production systems. While organic dairy farms face many of the same challenges as conventional dairy farms, organic rules impose restrictions on organic producers. This program will focus on technologies and management practices that allow organic producers to better manage reproduction on their farms.

These Webinars focus on numerous facets of dairy systems and facilities to improve dairy efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

An interactive workshop where attendees will get a firsthand view of the effects of mastitis on milk production.

Discussion groups for women working in agriculture

Youth Dairy Day is a day workshop designed to educate youth that is interested in the dairy industry.

Human Resources and Team Management

Whether participants are facilitating a dairy advisory team or simply a team member, this webinar series provides useful information about popular topics related to successful team operation.

The Center for Dairy Excellence (CDE) provides support to help Pennsylvania dairy farms establish on-farm resource teams.

Workshop and webinars designed for members of dairy advisory teams to provide in-depth information on using whole farm and management tools to achieve maximum profitability.

Good negotiators learn and build skills over time. This workshop helps you to understand the principles of negotiation and helps you to strengthen those skills for success in your own business.

Nutrient and Feed Management

A one-day conference examining current topics in precision feeding of dairy cattle.

Optimizing feeding management practices can improve nutrient balance and result in less nitrogen and phosphorus being excreted in the manure.

Conducted by the Penn State Extension Dairy Team and the Natural Resource Conservation Service, this workshop is for pre-certified feed management planners who want to become PA NRCS-qualified plan writers or certified technical service providers for feed management training.

This workshop provides an opportunity for nutritional consultants to become certified feed management planner or technical service providers.