Courses and Workshops


PMPEI courses are available statewide and are scheduled in the fall, winter, and spring. Courses are offered on both an "open enrollment" and a "sponsored" basis. Open enrollment courses are presented directly by PMPEI and are advertised widely through a variety of sources. Courses are scheduled at convenient and easy-to-reach locations to serve students coming from various places in a region of the state. Courses are frequently held in municipal buildings, schools, community colleges, or other public facilities.

Sponsored courses are underwritten by local or county planning agencies, local governments, and academic institutions. Sponsorship brings a course directly to the sponsor’s locality. Course sponsors are responsible for advertising the course, providing the site, equipment and refreshments. PMPEI supplies the instructors and all course materials. Sponsors may set registration fees lower than the standard registration fee for open enrollment courses.

Information on how to set up a sponsored PMPEI course can be obtained from Ms.Terri Dickow, Assistant Director of Education and Meetings, the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs at (800) 232-7722, extension 42.

PMPEI is always looking for municipalities that would like to host a PMPEI open enrollment course. A complimentary registration for the course is given to the host municipality. If your municipality would like to host a course please contact Ms. Terri Dickow.

Information Sources

News about upcoming PMPEI courses is disseminated in a variety of ways.


Newsletters and magazines

Some county planning agencies include announcements of PMPEI courses in their newsletters. Contact your county planning agency for additional information.


Call Ms.Terri Dickow, Assistant Director of Education and Meetings of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs at (800) 232-7722, extension 42, for up-to-date course registration and location information.


The PA State Association of Boroughs sends open enrollment course registration information via fax to municipalities throughout the region in which the course will be held.

On-line Course Registration

Use the PSAB On-line Registration to register for open enrollment courses.

Registration for sponsored courses is handled directly by the sponsoring organization. The contact person from that organization is listed on the PSAB website with information about registration sign-up and fees.