Shale Education Designed for Workforce, Support Companies

Posted: March 18, 2015

“Shale gas development is bringing jobs to my community – but what kinds of jobs? What experience will I need? How can I get ahead of the curve?”

“Shale gas development is bringing jobs to my community – but what kinds of jobs? What experience will I need? How can I get ahead of the curve?”

The Fundamentals of Shale Development program is a broad based workforce education program designed by the Penn State Shale Gas Team as an ideal way for businesses and potential workers to research an entry point in the shale marketplace. It has recently been offered both as in-house workforce training by natural gas companies and as an overview to workforce development organizations and job seekers across the western part of the state.

According to team member Dan Brockett of the Venango Extension office, the program is designed to develop a broad understanding of current practices in shale development. It includes information on shale economics, geology, leasing, drilling practices, well construction, reservoir stimulation and well completion, production, and workforce, all with real world examples.

The graphic breaks down workforce and support needs in the shale industry and helps job seekers and workforce development professionals to adjust their expectations to the realities of the industry. Needed levels of education and training are defined, along with projections for workforce needs. The course can shorten the shale entry timeframe for employees new to the industry by identifying key terminology and opportunities for integration across operations. Employees who already have some experience will increase their knowledge by viewing development across multiple operators and identifying answers to key shale development questions posed by a concerned public.

The course also allows service and support business representatives to learn about potential opportunities to integrate their business strengths into the oil and gas supply chain. Financial analysts and wealth management professionals, attorneys, and insurance carriers will all benefit from understanding the current economic potential, trends, and longevity of shale development.

A typical course agenda includes the following topics:

  • Workforce
  • Geology – Why are we here?
  • Drilling – How does it work?
  • Completions
  • Production & Midstream
  • NGLs
  • Social License

The Fundamentals of Shale Development course can be tailored to the needs of the particular audience. For more information on Shale Workforce Development, please contact Extension Educator Dan Brockett, 614-437-7607,

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