Scouting and Identifying Tomato Diseases

Tomatoes are an important and profitable crop for many vegetable growers. This video reviews the basics of proper scouting and identification of common diseases and their symptoms.

When a good portion of your income depends on the success of a crop, it’s important to keep it as healthy as possible during its production cycle. Through regular and proper scouting technique, growers can note important changes and symptom development early enough to keep a potentially devastating disease at bay. It’s also important to know what you are looking for. This video reviews a number of the most common diseases affecting tomato crops in our region, and how to recognize them by their symptoms. Knowing how and what to look for are essential for an effective disease management plan on any farm.

This project is supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Grant # 2015-70017-22852.

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