The cornerstone of any integrated pest management program is regular scouting. With regular and systematic scouting you will be more able to detect plant problems before they get out of hand.

A spader is a conservation soil preparation tool. This short video demonstrates pros and cons, set up, and use.

Raised bed plastic layers are standard equipment on vegetable farms. This video shows set up, and use.

Small scale farms often use hand push seeders. This video shows Earthway, jang and European push seeders.

The paper pot transplanter is designed to allow small farmers to plant many small transplants such as onions in a short period of time. This video demonstrates set up and use.

Quiet Creek Farm shares their transplant production system.

As part of the Penn State Start Farming Farm Profiles, John shares his experience with insect management.

As part of the Penn State Start Farming Farm Profiles, Quiet Creek shares their experience with weed management.

This video outlines the basic steps you can take to plan a vegetable crop rotation from the start.

Tomatoes are an important and profitable crop for many vegetable growers. This video reviews the basics of proper scouting and identification of common diseases and their symptoms.