Healthy soils yield healthy crops, But what is healthy soil and how do we achieve it?

The goal of good soil management is to meet essential plant needs for water, nutrients, oxygen, and a medium to hold their roots with as little management as possible.

Composting and compost provide numerous opportunities for farmers to improve their production systems. Potential income either directly from tipping fees or selling surplus compost, or indirectly from increased production supported by compost-improved soil. Here we share the benefits and drawbacks of 4 compost production methods, as well as 6 straightforward tips for using compost.

Have you recently purchased a property or are you looking for some land to start your farm business? There are many things to consider before you plant your first crop or fence post. One of the most important things to do is to check the soil map before you do anything to ensure you are planting a crop that is appropriate for the soil type you have.

Video: Soil is not just dirt. Soil health depends on the biological, physical and chemical properties of soil. Here we will talk about some of the physical properties of soil including organic matter, aggregate stability, water infiltration and compaction.