Market season is nearly upon us!

Posted: May 2, 2013

For consumers (and some very enthusiastic vendors), this time of year elicits shrikes of excitement and sheer joy as people line up to see which vendor has the early asparagus, rhubarb, or coveted dry beans preserved from fall harvest.
photo credit: Ali Frohman

photo credit: Ali Frohman

For vendors, some of who attend multiple markets, this time of year can be like a race to the starting line. Time management skills are a must to be able to manage multiple markets, employees, planting and production schedules and stock up on supplies to hold them and their crew though another whirlwind season.

The beginning of market season can be an exciting time, but if you’re new to the farmers’ market scene, it can be intimidating. Seasoned vendors know just what to stock up on and exactly how to prepare to have a successful season. They know the customers to be sure to reconnect with that first opening day to ensure their loyal patronage for the new season. Most importantly they know how to train their staff to handle their product, relate to their customers, and promote their image to the public.

For new or seasonal employees providing this training can be the difference between a lucrative or unsuccessful market season for your farm. It can also be the difference between an exceptional or abysmal impression about your business and your products with your customer.

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