Potato Seed will cost more and is in short supply for 2012

Posted: January 10, 2012

Farmers who have not yet ordered their certified potato seed for 2012 might be in for a surprise. Wet soils from excessive rain and flooding impacted the availability of high quality potato seed for the 2012 growing season. Most of the certified potato seed used in Pennsylvania is grown and certified in Maine or New York.
Make sure your seed does not look like this!

Make sure your seed does not look like this!

Many potato growers like to firm up their potato seed purchase agreements in the fall to ensure that they can get high quality certified seed of the varieties they want to grow for the following year.

If you have not yet ordered your seed do it today!

Remember, certified seed is not disease free but does meet the minimum tolerances set forth by the state certification agency. When ordering seed, be sure to ask for certification tags or certificates to guarantee you will be receiving certified, high quality seed potatoes.

If you are purchasing non‐certified potato seed, cut some tubers for visual inspection before you accept them since there is no guarantee on the level of disease present on uncertified seed.

New York’s directory can be obtained by calling 607‐255‐9869, or writing the New York Seed Improvement Project, 103C Leland Lab, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853.