Fruit and Berries

Chester Blackberries

For prospective fruit growers a good question is, so what? Does anyone else care? Maybe that is a blunt way of introducing the idea of marketing considerations. But, unless you just want to grow fruit as hobby, a marketing plan for the fruit you intend to grow needs to be at the top of your list.

We are the Future Faces of Farming! YGA was formed in 2005 as a coalition for specialty crop growers at the start of their horticulture careers.

Organic fruit growing in the Mid-Atlantic Region can be successful and profitable with careful study and planning. There are natural features in the Mid-Atlantic region that offer nearly ideal conditions for growing high quality organic fruit. The market in this area for locally grown organic fruit far exceeds the current production capacity of existing organic fruit farms.

Mark Chien, Penn State Extension, teaches new grape growers.

Forty aspiring grape growers filled the room at this week’s intensive new grape grower workshop. Read on for tips and start-up realities from Penn State Extension’s Mark Chien and Texas Agrilife Extension’s Fritz Westover.

One Year Old Apple Planting. Photo credit: Tara Baugher.

Mistakes made in planning and planting an orchard cannot easily be reversed. Before establishing a new orchard block, it is important to carefully assess all the factors that will ultimately affect fruit quality and orchard sustainability. Proper planning includes evaluations of business goals, management style, site characteristics, and market potential.