Financing & Capital

Is there a grant to help me start my farm? This is a common question from aspiring farmers. There is very little free money available but here are a few resources for loan and grant organizations to help you as you start or grow your farm.

Carla Green of Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit provides some essential small-farm financing tips.

Did you know the USDA’s Farm Service Agency offers a land contract program? This program provides an incentive to land owners who plan to sell their farm to a beginning or socially disadvantaged farmer. A land contract is a tool which can be used in transferring land to the next generation farmer as well.

We’ve heard more than once that it’s impossible to start farming now—even if you can find a great property, you won’t be able to find a lender who wants to talk to you. That is just not true. Not if you have done your homework.

Mike Hosterman, AgChoice Farm Credit Ag Business Consultant

Do you ever wonder what your peers are doing better than you? Are they controlling their input costs better than you? Do they have greater outputs per unit? How do their gross margins compare?