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Mario Sazo, Cornell Fruit Specialist, invites Pennsylvania fruit growers and farm workers to a tour of the Geneva Experiment Station.
The Science Behind Horticulture—La Ciencia Detrás de la Horticultura
June 20, 2017
A field training for Spanish speakers in the fruit industry. Una capacitación en el campo para trabajadores de habla hispana en la industria de la fruta.
Organic Field Crop Study Circles in Pennsylvania
June 1, 2017
The "Study Circle" meeting format provides a relaxed atmosphere where farmer participants can share information with each other as well as learn from and ask questions of the experts. Extension Educators Liz Bosak and Dave Hartman review this past year's Organic Field Crop Study Circles and share planned topics for upcoming meetings.
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Opportunities for Veterans in Pennsylvania Agriculture
June 1, 2017
More and more veterans are considering agriculture as a viable future upon returning home.
Site preparation for a "Model for the Future" apple planting in Adams County, PA. Photo: Tara Baugher
Consider a June Planting of Sorghum Sudangrass Following Orchard Removal
May 24, 2017
Have you recently pushed out a block of older fruit trees? In commercial grower plots, we are learning that sudangrass is an excellent first step to replant success.
Photo: Norma Young, Penn State
Pest Scouting With Your Smartphone
May 24, 2017
Have you noticed lately that many interstate rest stops are now called text stops? While the ever growing ubiquity of the smartphone has come with some issues, there are many opportunities to use this technology to make our lives a little easier, even on the farm.