Increasing Market Potential

Tips and marketing strategies to promote your business

Increase your profitability by discovering the latest trends, concerns, and interests of consumers who purchase from farms and food businesses.

A retailer’s purpose is to meet consumer needs and wants; create a space that is inviting and visually appealing.

Questions you must answer before creating your marketing materials.

Better Signs mean better sales for retail farm markets!

Customer service is a process for providing competitive advantage and adding benefits to the supply chain in order to maximize the total value to the ultimate customer.

Food products have life cycles, from exciting launch through slow decline. Learn where to get inspiration to re-energize your business and grow your market share.

Concepts commonly used within the retail industry, including elements that draw attention to displays and categories of merchandise, increase the chance that consumers will shop more of the store and notice items they might not otherwise expect.

The person pricing your product(s) must consider many factors such as cost of production, financial goals, and consumer demographics. For most consumers, price can be a determining factor for whether or not they purchase a product

There are several factors that a grower can apply at a market to increase profitability.

Using Loyalty Programs to Attract Consumers to Value-Added Businesses. Differentiating themselves from the competition is necessary for retailers to become and remain foremost in their customers’ minds.

No matter how one may choose to differentiate their product, doing so can have tremendous benefits.

Some reasons for an event include: Boosting sales during slow times, promoting store openings, recognizing customers who spend the most at the business on an annual basis, and targeting your primary customers for a “night out”.

The "Foodie Sites" suggested in this video are only the tip of the iceberg in online resources.

This video introduces viewers to the practice of using social media networks as a tool for conducting market research.