Chapter IV: Value-Added Agriculture

Adding value to your production: information on food processing, direct marketing, and other post-production ventures.

Planning and Marketing

Planning and marketing are critical to any business but especially so for a value-added business

Starting a value-added business can be both rewarding and time consuming to complete the necessary steps to begin production.

Food Processing

As of 2014, there were 84 dairy plants producing one or more dairy products in Pennsylvania.

Adding value to your meat production will require contacting and working with a slaughtering facility or building your own.

People have been processing and preserving fruits and vegetables for many years. If you are considering this as a business, the following information is critical.

Packaging is designed to protect your product during storage, shipping, or the sales counter. Finding a package to satisfy all your needs is key to successful marketing.

Forest Products

Forest products may include lumber and it's byproducts, medicinal plants, maple syrup, and mushrooms to juts name a few.

Other Opportunities

Agritainment may take many forms and can be called by several titles. Agritainment may be farm tours, school aged educational events, festivals and a host of additional opportunities. These may also be called agritourism, recreational farms, and others.

Organic production requires years of planning and research to benefit from the possible increase in selling prices.