4.3: Agricultural Supplies

Tractor Supply Company
The home page for Tractor Supply which carries many farm supplies and has many stores throughout PA.

Agri Supply
Agri Supply carries a wide range of livestock Supplies.

Jeffers Livestock Supply
Jeffers carries supplies for livestock and farm needs.

KV Supply Company
A site for livestock, horses, and pet supplies.

Sheepman Supply Company
This company provides supplies for sheep production.

Southern States
Southern States is a farm supplies and fertilizer company operating in several of the Southern counties in PA.

Caprine Supply Company
This company provides supplies and information for goats.

eNasco carries supplies for most types of agriculture, farms, and ranches.

Kencove Company
Kencove provides information and fencing supplies for livestock operations and these materials may also be used for trellis needs for horticultural operations.

American Horticulture Supply Company
American Horticulture Supply Company carries a wide variety of supplies for the horticulture industry.

Crop King
Crop King provides greenhouses and greenhouse supplies.

FarmTek sells livestock equipment and structures suited for livestock.

Gemplers carries a wide variety of farm supplies and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required for pesticide application.

Nursery Supplies Company
Nursery Supplies Company carries a variety of products for the greenhouse, high tunnel, and ornamental industry. 

Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supply
Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies handles greenhouses, and greenhouse supplies.