Twilight At-Market Workshop at Buzas' Greenhouses and Farm

The program focus for this twilight event is marketing. Attendees will be able to learn from the outstanding plants, flowers, and produce presentations and displays at this business in its various greenhouses. The Hoyer family will give a history of their business along with a tour, as well as explain the growth to where they are today and what makes their business successful.
Bob and Beverly Hoyer

Bob and Beverly Hoyer

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August 2, 2017, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Buzas’ Greenhouses and Farm is a third and fourth generation family owned operation by the Hoyer family, providing top quality plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and products for garden-taking in the Lehigh Valley for over 50 years. The operation began with Art and Mary Buzas starting a chicken farm and growing produce which then lead to growing their own vegetable transplants and growing from there into the greenhouse business of 4 original greenhouses. Those first 4 greenhouses are still standing today with a few modifications, along with several more greenhouses and outside growing areas.

Today, Bob and Beverly (Buzas’) Hoyer, along with their daughters, Nicole and Julia, run Buzas’ Greenhouses & Farm. Their greenhouses (with an indoor farm stand) are open year-round every day of the week, with the exception of the winter months January and February being “call-by-appointment” only. Some of the products Buzas’ have to offer include bedding plants, Proven Winner Series of plants, Ride the WAVE Petunias, water plants, home grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, perennials, shrubs, plants/decorations for every holiday and season, house plants, cut flowers, arrangements, and an assortment of products to help the home gardener with pests, disease, and ugly weeds. The Hoyer family believes that “the customer is always right and deserves nothing but the best”. Aside of selling quality products, they also offer to customers, schools, and special interest clubs educational classes that are hands on, group involving, fun, and informational.


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