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AgSafety4u is an online course designed for youth (ages 16 and up), new and beginning farmers, and for employers and employees of agricultural operations looking to enhance their knowledge and/or to provide professional development with a heavy emphasis on tractor and machinery. Individuals who take this course and pass the online quizzes will be able to print a certificate of completion.

The Equine Farm Safety Training by Michigan State University and My Horse University through eXtension is a free course to learn how to be safe while working with horses. The courses are completely self-paced and include videos, photos and activities.

The Farm Family Emergency Response Program by Penn State University is developing and delivering programs to the agricultural community that will 1) help those individuals that are first to arrive on the scene of a farm emergency, 2) help participants understand which actions may lead to better outcomes for someone that has been injured on the farm, 3) teach participants important considerations to include when calling for help, and 4) discuss activities that can be done on the farm to either limit the likelihood of having a specific farm injury emergency or at least prepare for better managing a farm injury emergency.

Gearing Up for Safety by Purdue University is an outcomes-based instructional program developed to provide training for youth seeking employment in agricultural production. It was designed both for youth living on family farms and for 14- and 15-year-olds who want to be certified under the provisions of the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Order (AgHOs) to perform certain work activities on a farm operation.

The Standing Tall curriculum was developed by the Grain Handling Safety Coalition to encourage young workers to seek assistance when needed to protect themselves from danger and to share with others information about worker safety.

The Hazards of Flowing Grain lesson plan developed by Penn State University includes learning objectives, demonstration directions, and evaluation.

The Manure Pit/Silo Hazards lesson plan developed by Penn State University provides learning objectives, an activity and an evaluation.

This best practices manual developed by Penn State University provides risk reduction information and resources for agricultural entrepreneurs and will help farm and ranch owners and managers to plan for effective safety and health management programs.