Chemical Safety

The Chemical Safety curriculum developed by Farm Safety for Just Kids is a packets that can be used to teach youth how to identify safe substances from their chemical look-a-likes, how to read product labels, and more.

Resource Type(s)

  • Curriculum


  • English
  • Español

Course Website(s)

  • Chemical Safety (English)
  • Seguridad quimica (Español)

AFNR Alignment

Level of alignment to standard shown by 'X'. No 'X' indicates no alignment.

AFNR Element High Medium Low
AS.02: Animal Systems Career Pathway

CS.03: AFNR Cluster Skills (foundational safety related technical knowledge and skills)

ESS.01: Environmental Service Systems Career Pathway

ESS.05: Environmental Service Systems Career Pathway

PS.03: Plant Systems Career Pathway

PST.02: Power, Structural and Technical Systems Career Pathway