Example Quiz Bowl Questions

Examples of what types of questions will be asked during the quiz bowl competitions
  1. What is the recommended heel height for a good horseback riding shoe/boot?
  2. What are 3 safety requirements for grain storage systems in relation to horses or livestock?
  3. What do the initials SCBA stand for?
  4. What is the best way to minimize concentrations of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in livestock facilities?
  5. Describe three symptoms of shock.
  6. When should you NOT perform CPR?
  7. What is the least serious type of skin cancer?
    a) basal cell
    b) squamous cell
    c) melanomas
  8. To prevent slips and falls what is needed between the shoe and the walking surface?
  9. What is a class C fire?
  10. What is the most frequent primary source of farm fatalities?
  11. Identify two potential hazards when a person is helping to hitch an implement to a tractor.
  12. What is the major disadvantage to using asbestos as insulation?
  13. What is another name for Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome?
  14. What is the device that removes vapors and particles from the air you breathe?
  15. Name the component of a pesticide formulation that controls the pest.
  16. Name three of the four common causes of injury/death on the farm to children under 4 years old.
  17. True or False and WHY?
    Snow fencing is not recommended as safe fencing for play areas.
  18. How do you care for clothing that is soaked with pesticides?
  19. Manure gases can be deadly because:
    a) they are odorless and colorless
    b) they reduce the oxygen level of the storage area
    c) they contain fertilizer
    d) they smell bad
  20. Name two of the four recommended strategies used to reduce noise.
  21. What percent of fatal ATV incidents involve alcohol as a contributing factor?
    a)    30%
    b)    50%
    c)    75%
    d)    100%
  22. Identify the type of fire extinguisher that suffocates a fire by eliminating the air?
  23. Give two examples of how the heat produced by electric current can be dangerous.
  24. True or False and WHY?
    An excited animal has a smaller flight zone.
  25. What is the disease called that is carried by ticks, especially deer ticks?
  26. What are the two primary forces that must be controlled to avoid side rollovers of tractors?

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Example Quiz Bowl Questions

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