Safety In Agriculture for Youth (SAY) National Clearinghouse

Posted: February 12, 2015

One of the main objectives of the SAY Project is to provide agricultural educators with teaching resources that align with the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Cluster Content Standards.

The SAY Project identified the AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards related to agricultural safety and health and used them to measure alignment of curriculum and other supporting resources. Agricultural safety and health professionals can submit their curriculum or other supporting resources for potential inclusion in the clearinghouse which can increase the usage of their materials by secondary agricultural educators. A formal curriculum is identified as a product that has the following 3 components: learning goals/objectives, subject matter content that supports the goals/objectives, and an evaluation component. Other supporting resources are valuable resources but they are lacking one or more of the components of a curriculum. There are four formal curriculums and three other supporting resources currently in the SAY National Clearinghouse.

The SAY National Clearinghouse is ‘open for business’ but will continue to grow as more curriculum and resources are submitted and aligned. Agricultural educators and safety professionals should bookmark the SAY National Clearinghouse website so they can easily locate curriculum and other resources that they can use in the classroom and know its alignment to the AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards, or to use the materials for informal safety education. Visit the SAY Project to access the National Clearinghouse pages for either formal curriculum or other supporting resources.