Organizing and Conducting a Safe Tractor Operation Workshop (also available in Spanish)

Posted: July 12, 2013

The Pennsylvania State University’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program just released a new manual designed to assist agricultural producers, employers, and other experiences operators organize and conduct a hands-on safe tractor driving workshop.

This hands-on training is valuable as many new owners, operators, and workers are entering production agriculture, agricultural services, forestry, landscaping, golf course maintenance, and other occupations where agricultural tractors are used to complete tasks.

This manual was also designed to meet the needs of safe tractor operation instruction for volunteers that mow places such school or church yards, cemeteries, athletic fields, community parks, and the grounds at civic organizations (e.g., Lions Club, etc.). Fewer people are growing up learning how to operate tractors and equipment so this training is valuable to train individuals with a broad range of tractor driving abilities.

The new manual is a comprehensive guide that provides sections on the following topics:

  • Choosing instructors, tractors, machines and driving courses,
  • Instructional content,
  • Conducting training workshops, and
  • Performance Evaluation Forms

To request a copy of the manual in English or Spanish please email