PA Farm Fatality and Injury Summaries

Summaries of farm fatalities and of crash incidents involving farm vehicles help identify hazards and risks associated with production agriculture. Typical incidents include tractor overturns, PTO and other machinery entanglements, skid-steers, animals, confined spaces such as manure storage pits, silos and grain bins, farm ponds, hazardous gas and chemical exposures, and farm woodlot hazards. Victim’s ages have ranged from 18 months to over 90 years old, and of course include both male and females. Special populations of victims include youth, senior farmers, Anabaptist, and migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Incidents occur all year long but often peek during the summer months and during the harvest season. Crash incidents involving implements of husbandry and motor vehicles occur most often in rural areas near urban areas. Surprisingly, most incidents occur in broad daylight, in good weather conditions, and where the visibility of the farm equipment is good. Horse and buggy incidents have many of the same characteristics. ATV incidents are common and usually involve operating the ATV on a public road even though they are not designed to be operated on such h roads. This occurs both during farm work activity and recreational use.