User Guide

Please read through the instructions below before attempting to use FARM-HAT.

FARM-HAT - getting started

Above, is a screen capture of the Primary FARM-HAT page. Note the 11 Category Groups in alphabetical order on the right side as shown in Figure 1.

FARM-HAT Select Topic

For demonstration purposes, let's say you are interested in learning more about tractor safety. If you single click on Tractors, an additional screen (as shown in Figure 2) will pop up with 21 Available Items that are associated with the category of tractors.

FARM-HAT Select Items

If you are interested in learning more about ROPS – Rollover Protective Structure. Move your cursor arrow to ROPS and click on it. ROPS will now be highlighted and can be placed in the Selected Items side by clicking on the arrow pointed to the right. Normally, you would select several items under the category Tractor, but in our example, ROPS will be your only Selected Item.

Your screen should look like Figure 3

Click on the DONE box at the bottom of the item boxes. The pop-up screen will disappear.

FARM-HAT Figure 4

Your screen should now look like Figure 4.

To display the selected hazard audit tool on ROPS, move your cursor down and click on the box View Selected Manual Pages.

A complete hazard audit tool with photo images of various types of ROPS for farm tractors will now be displayed on your computer screen, as shown down in Figure 5.

FARM-HAT Hazard Assessment

The hazard assessment begins with the Most Protection and proceeds downward through five assessments to the Least Protection. A “Reminders” box on page 1 stresses the importance of seatbelt use along with a message on ASAE certification for ROPS. A Personal Protective Equipment box on page 1 is empty because PPE isn’t specifically needed for ROPS.

The second page lists and describes standards, laws, and regulations and contains other helpful information on ROPS.

You can print this document and use it as an educational resource or use it to conduct a hazard audit.

FARM-HAT Filling out the Hazard Audit

To use during a hazard audit, write the tractor's name/model at the top of the page, and then circle the hazard ranking as shown in Figure 6. This option may be most useful when first learning to conduct a hazard audit, or to teach others about hazards and how to conduct audits.

Once you are comfortable with the content of the Manual Pages, you may wish to use a condensed hazard audit tool as in Figure 8 below.

FARM-HAT View Selected Audit Pages

For a more traditional hazard audit form, click on the box View Selected Audit Pages.

This brings up a pdf which will look like Figure 7.

The photos and other boxes are missing but the text for the levels of ROPS protection remain along with space to identify and audit up to five tractors.

FARM-HAT View Selected Combo Pages

To see yet another option, click on View Selected Combo Pages. A PDF will appear that looks like Figure 8.

This version retains the pictures, the text for the levels of ROPS protection, and the audit space for five tractors.

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