Training Impact

When training means the difference between life and death. How our training is making a difference in some communities.

Our training is often credited with enabling rescue teams to be more efficient in managing various emergencies.

The following are cases that highlight some of these credits. We welcome other stories or cases where our training has made a positive difference in the rescue management.

In August 2010, Airville Fire Company was dispatched for a person trapped in a silo. On arrival, it was learned that the tripod which holds the unloader had collapsed injuring the farm operator. Members of the Airville Fire Company participated in Penn State Ag Rescue training during 2009.

Liberty Fire Company was dispatched to a person trapped in a skid loader. On arrival, they found an 18 year old male caught between the bucket and the frame of the machine.

In the summer of 2010, the Beaver County Farm Rescue Team was dispatched to a male patient with his arm stuck in a machine. On arrival, they found the patient with his right arm caught in a pizza dough manufacturing machine. His arm was being pinched between the sprocket and the chain.

In 2009, Cransville Fire Co was dispatched to rescue a teenage boy that was trapped under an overturned tractor.

Springfield and Cransville Fire Companies were dispatched to assist with a grain bin entrapment, with a reported four people trapped. On arrival, three victims had gotten out but the fourth, an adult male, was trapped up to his chest in a grain bin 3/4 full of corn.