Environmental Hazards

What is the leading known cause of farm fires?

There are five things that should be by the farm pond for use in emergency rescues.  Name three of them.

Identify three devices that protect the wires of an electrical circuit from overheating

Name two places where a ground fault circuit interrupter should be used.

There are five parts to a lightning protection system. Name three of them.

In a lightning protection system, what are the rods or tubes of metal called that are installed at every projecting high point of a building?

What provides contact with the earth for dissipation of a lightning charge in a lightning protection system?

Name the three types of skin cancer.

What is the most serious type of skin cancer?

What is the least serious type of skin cancer?

a) basal cell

b) squamous cell

c) melanomas

Name two management practices that can help prevent the growth of mold spores and reduce your risk of contracting respiratory diseases.

Name two of the most common types of particulate contaminants.

What two factors usually cause someone to slip?

To prevent slips and falls what is needed between the shoe and the walking surface?

How small of a rise in a walkway can cause a person to "stub his or her toe" resulting in a trip or a fall?

Why should you avoid cutting down trees on windy days?

In a widow maker tree, how small of a branch can fall with enough force to kill you?

What situation creates what is known as a barber chair tree?

What situation creates a stump jump tree?

Material for lightning protection shall be inherently resistant to what process?

What kind of reaction causes corrosion to accelerate in a lightning protection system?

What is an example of two materials that combine to form an electrolytic coupling in a lightning protection system?

What is the preferred material for farm lightning protection systems?

In a lightning protection system, what is the minimum diameter of a solid copper air terminal?

What is the minimum distance an air terminal should extend above the protected object in a lightning protection system?

What is the maximum distance an air terminal should extend above the protected object in a lightning protection system?

In a lightning protection system, how far apart should air terminals up to 20 inches in height be placed?

In a lightning protection system, how far apart should air terminals higher than 24 inches be placed?

In a lightning protection system, where are the air terminals placed on a flat or low slope roof?

What direction do conductors in a lightning protection system need to maintain?

In a lightning protection system, what is the maximum angle that can be formed in a conductor?

In a lightning protection system, what is the minimum number of conductors with a proper ground that should be provided on any structure?

In a lightning protection system in cattle yards, how high up should down conductors be guarded to prevent physical damage to the conductor?

In a lightning protection system, what determines the extent of grounding that is necessary for a small building?

With a lightning protection system, what is the minimum acceptable standard for each ground electrode?

With a lightning protection system, what is needed at each down conductor?

Radio and television masts made of metal, regardless of their location on the building, must be bonded to what part of the lightning protection system?

What protects radio and television equipment against surges during a lightning storm?

When are thunder and lightning storms most likely to occur?

If a power line has fallen on an occupied car, what should the driver do?

Besides death, name two health hazards that can be caused by lightning.

Why can lightning victims have more than one burn site?

What is the goal of a well-installed and maintained lightning protection system?

Name two precautions to take when indoors during a lightning storm.

There are five precautions to take when outdoors during a lightning storm. Name three of them.

In respect to ventilation in a farm shop, what should the window to floor ratio be?

Name three factors that increase the production of inorganic nitrates in plants used for silage.

Give two examples of plant growth conditions that increase production of inorganic nitrates in crops used for silage.

What two things does the severity of reactions to nitrogen gas poisoning depend on?

What should you do if you are on a tractor in an open field during a tornado?

Why does cold weather primarily affect the extremities?

Why is melanoma different from other skin cancers?

How deep can the sun's rays penetrate water?

Name three ways UVA rays affect the skin?

Name three ways you can reduce exposure to high levels of noise.

Repeated prolonged exposure to cold weather can cause what specific health condition?

What are three signs that a person's condition to a heat related illness is worsening?

List two conditions that indicate a tornado.

What does wind chill indicate?

What is the Daily Heat Index issued by the National Weather Service?

Give two reasons why thunderstorms can be more deadly than tornadoes.

How can you estimate the distance in miles between you and lightning?

Name two signs that indicate the chance of a severe thunderstorm.

If you are in a tractor cab during an electrical storm what should you do?

What is meant by a "severe weather watch"?

There are four safety tips to follow to make sure you are safe from weather problems while

working outdoors. Name two of them.

How long does it take to become acclimated to unusual high heat?

Name two conditions that you must protect your skin from when working outside.

Rate these three heat related illnesses in order from the least severe to the most severe-heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion.

Why should you not wear tight fitting clothes in cold weather?

There are 4 safety rules to follow when working outside in cold weather. Name two of them.

Name three things you should carry in a winter survival kit.

Name three ways cold weather can effect farm equipment.

How long does it take for you to realize the full effect of the sun from sunburn?

Name three ways the sun can physically change the appearance of your skin.

What percent of a person’s lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation occurs by the time he/she is 18 years old?

What does the SPF on a sunscreen indicate?

Name 3 ways UVA rays affect the skin.

What ingredient in a sunscreen blocks UVA rays?

What does the SPF 15 rating on a sunscreen mean?

What percentage of the UVB wavelengths does an SPF 15 sunscreen block?

True or False and WHY?

An SPF 30 sunscreen is twice as effective as an SPF 15 sunscreen. 

Why should sunscreen be applied prior to going out in the sun?

Name three ways an operator can reduce the volume of noise created by operating a machine.

Name one way to isolate an operator from the noise of a tractor.

The typical bicycle/motor vehicle crash occurs within how many miles of the bicyclist's home?

a)  5 miles                     c) 1 mile

b) 2 miles                     d) 10 miles

Should you ride a bicycle a) with traffic, b) against traffic, or c) it makes no difference?

The majority of children who survive a near drowning are discovered within how many minutes of submersion?

There are three characteristics of fencing that could prevent 50-90% of childhood residential swimming pool drownings and near drownings. Name all three of them.

What is the minimum depth recommended for diving into a body of water?

List three preventative tips for preventing household poisoning.

What two placement criteria should you use when installing carbon monoxide (CO) detectors?

Which of the following is NOT an example of a potential source of pollution from farm shop machinery?

a) antifreeze

b) fuel

c) fuel and lubricant containers

d) all are potential pollutants

What agency enforces environmental laws?


b) EPA

c) PDA


What two nutrients found in manure are major polluters of water systems?

True or False and Why?

A UV rating of 10 is preferred for sunglasses

How much water can a body lose on a hot day?

True or False and Why?

The lower the SPF number on your sunscreen the more protection you have from the sun's rays.

True or False and Why?

The word "protection" does not guarantee that the sunglasses will block or absorb UV rays.

True or False and Why?

Heat stroke is not a serious medical condition.

Why does high humidity make temperatures seem warmer?

What health risk occurs when body tissue becomes frozen?

True or False and Why?

You should try to outrun a tornado.

True or False and Why?

Lightning cannot strike the same place more than once.

How far away from a storm can lightning strike?

a) 200 miles

b) 100 miles

c) 10 miles

d) only strikes in the area where it is raining

What is the average number of persons killed by lightning each year?

a) 10

b) 90

c) 400

d) 1000

How many miles per hour can wind speeds reach in a tornado?

a) 150 mph

b) 250 mph

c) 1000 mph

d) 2000 mph

What is the minimum SPF level of sunscreen a farmer should use?

What should you wear while doing farm chores to prevent hypothermia?

a) loose fitting clothing

b) a heavy coat

c) cotton clothing

d) layers of clothing

What does the National Weather Service issue if severe weather is in the immediate vicinity?

a) a severe weather watch

b) a severe weather alert

c) a loud alarm

d) a severe weather warning

What happens to a person when his/her body's temperature drops below 96 degrees?

Which of the following are possible severe weather conditions that can occur in the summer?

a) high temperatures

b) thunderstorms and lightning

c) neither a nor b

d) both a and b

What do cumulonimbus clouds forecast?

Farm Shops need adequate ________

a) air conditioning and heat

b) television and music

c) water and power

d) lighting and ventilation

What place offers the best protection when you are indoors during a tornado?

a) under the windows

b) by a fireplace

c) near an outside wall

d) in the basement

What risk is created by allowing manure to build up in alleyways and high traffic areas?

What could be the problem if the circuit breaker in the farm shop is continually "breaking" and must be reset?

a) an electric motor is disconnected

b) someone is playing a joke on you

c) there may be an electrical overload

d) all of the above

A person can be most likely shocked or electrocuted by which of the following situations?

a) using safe electric wiring practices

b) becoming part of the electrical circuit

c) standing on a non-conductive mat while working on an electrical problem

d) none of these

What device is recommended to protect workers who must work in damp areas around electricity?

a) tools with rubber handles

b) circuit breakers

c) ground fault circuit interrupters

d) fuses

When working on an electrical problem that is out of sight of the distribution panel or circuit breaker box you should:

a) post a sign on the distribution panel to "Stay Away"

b) lockout the distribution panel or control switch

c) position a helper in the area of the switch

d) none of these actions are required

Before digging a trench near buildings or along roadways it is best to locate the underground utilities. Find out if it is safe to dig by:

a) asking the most senior person on the farm

b) checking the farm maps

c) contacting your state or local utility services

d) using a water witching stick

Give two examples of how the heat produced by electric current can be dangerous.