Mini Tilt Table Stability Demonstration

Using the Mini‐Tilt Table Demonstration provides an opportunity to provide understanding on the center of gravity and stability baseline of the tractor, skid steer, and ATV. The demonstration can lead to discussion of factors leading up to tractor, skid steer, or ATV rollover incidents.
Tilt table

Tilt table

It is recommended that the following Fact Sheet resources of the Penn State Agricultural Safety and Health Program be studied before conducting these demonstrations. The demonstrator will be better prepared to discuss the concepts of center of gravity and stability baseline, as well as, the factors that contribute to the rollover of a tractor, skid steer, and ATV.


There is a Instructors Manual available to go with this demonstration, please contact Stephen Brown at or 814-865-7158 on how to receive this manual.

Note: Ag Safety demonstrations and displays available for educators and presenters. If you have questions about demonstrations, manuals and simulators or to check for availability, please contact Stephen Brown.