Sample Hazards List

The sample hazards listed below are compiled from the Perry County Safety 4 Just Kids and the Penn State Agricultural Safety and Health Farm Hazard Displays. Consider commodity specific hazards (orchards, vineyards, etc.) if appropriate.

Tractors, Machinery and Vehicles:

  • No SMV emblems
  • Extra riders on tractors, lawnmowers, etc.
  • No ROPS
  • Individuals working in unsafe conditions such as under machines without bracing, etc.
  • Children in vicinity of operating machines (inside the safety zone)
  • Children playing on machines or in wagons
  • Bucket in wrong position on skid loader such as too high when moving
  • Round bales on skid loader not properly contained/secured.
  • Tractor working on steep slope
  • People riding in back of pick-up or skid loader bucket
  • ATV driver with no protective equipment
  • Person with foot on auger of grinder mixer
  • Tractor tongue resting on ground
  • Corn head resting (precariously) on saw horses
  • Person too close to PTO shaft


  • Poor maintenance such as broken posts, doors, etc.
  • Broken fences
  • Improper (e.g., single wire) or no fencing (e.g., around manure pit)
  • Makeshift gates and fencing
  • Gates left open
  • Person leaning out hay mow door
  • Person climbing on elevator
  • Accessible ladders (e.g., grain bin ladders left going all the way to the ground, ladders left unattended)
  • Ladders at wrong angle to building (for every four feet in elevation, ladder should be one foot from building)

Children: (taking into consideration age-appropriate chores, etc.)

  • No Safe Play Area (this would include a fenced in area away from hazards)
  • Around hazardous equipment
  • Doing chores beyond their ability
  • Children in animal pens
  • Children playing on stacked or large bales

Hazardous Materials:

  • Chemicals inappropriately stored (e.g., unlabeled, near a well, out in open or otherwise not secured)
  • Spilled chemicals
  • Fuel station too close to building
  • Fuel stations unprotected by traffic barriers
  • Chemical storage building door open, no lock
  • No warning or pesticide hazard signs

Farm Ponds:

  • No fence
  • No life saving equipment


  • No lightning protection
  • Low wires that can get caught on machinery
  • Fence materials, tractor tires leaning against building
  • Debris in yard when mowing
  • Extension cord running across yard or driveway
  • Things in disrepair that create a hazard, (e.g., broken ladder rungs,
  • Undercut in silage bunker
  • Tires can hold water if not punctured allowing mosquitoes to breed (the source of West Nile virus)
  • Person in animal pen with back to animals

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Sample Hazards List

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