Farm Hazard Hunt Display

Using the Farm Hazard Hunt Display provides an opportunity to show the many sources of farm hazards. The display can lead to discussion of hazard prevention, developing a strategy to deal with potential hazards, and responding to injuries or fatalities from farm hazards.

There is a Farm Hazard Hunt Instructors Manual available, please contact Stephen Brown at or 814-865-7158 on how to receive this manual.

Note: Ag Safety demonstrations and displays available for educators and presenters. If you have questions about demonstrations, manuals and simulators or to check for availability, please contact Stephen Brown.

Materials list and instructions on how to create your own demonstration.

The sample hazards listed below are compiled from the Perry County Safety 4 Just Kids and the Penn State Agricultural Safety and Health Farm Hazard Displays. Consider commodity specific hazards (orchards, vineyards, etc.) if appropriate.

PDF, 1.9 MB