Manure Pit Safety

Information such as factsheets, videos, Regulations and Standards about reducing manure pit entry risks for educators, producers, building installers and regulators. Penn State University's Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering has also released an online manure pit ventilation design tool.

For additional information or if you have additional questions, contact Dennis J. Murphy (814-865-7157).

The scale model demonstration trailer has been designed for on-site educational presentations that illustrate and reinforce toxic gas hazards and proper ventilation of confined-space manure storages.

Safety fact sheets about manure storage hazards, gas monitoring, ventilation systems, and handling manure storage emergencies.

We have developed two demonstration videos that address hazards and ventilation of confined space manure storages.

There are two national consensus standards and one federal government regulation that are relevant to the design, construction and operation of confined space manure storages.

This is an online tool that manure pit designers and field engineers can use to predict how long a confined-space manure storage needs to be ventilated before it is safe to enter. Airflow through the animal living space above (barn) is also simulated, and can be used to determine whether or not animals need to be evacuated from the barn during pit ventilation.