Safety Programs and Projects

Summary of Ag Safety programs and projects by Penn State Extension.

FARM-HAT - Farm/Agriculture/Rural/Management Hazard Analysis Tool

Complete resource to conduct an objective farm hazard inspection.

Managing Agricultural Emergencies

Training program for responding safely and effectively to agricultural emergencies. Approved by Homeland security.

Confined Space Manure Storage Safety

Ventilation standard and educational materials for manure pit safety. Videos, movile demo, factsheets, and online software development for engineers.

NSTMOP - National Safe Tractor & Machinery Operation Program

Curriculum for teaching safe tractor and machinery operation to 14-15 yr. olds so they can legally operate tractors and machinery for hire. Can also be used for inexperienced adult operators and new/beginning farmers.  Task sheets in both English and Spanish.


Online certificate course provides an overview of identification and control of hazards common to farms and agriculturally related rural businesses, focusing on hazards associated with machinery, structures, equipment, animals, chemicals and outdoor environment.

This program is not a substitute for the Hazardous Occupations Order for Agriculture (HOOA) safety certification program for youth 14 and 15 years of age who are seeking employment and must be certified to drive or operate tractors and machinery for hire.

The Pennsylvania ROPS Retrofit Campaign

ROPS Retrofit is a program which provides financial assistance to farmers to purchase and install a ROPS and seatbelt on their tractors. It is only through donations that we able to provide this program. Currently we have a waiting list.

Pennsylvania Farm Safety & Health Quiz Bowl

FFA and 4-H members compete in a quiz show format with ag safety and health questions to learn, enhance leadership, and earn prize money for their group.

Farm Tractor Stability Systems to Improve Operator and Mechanical Performance

Developing low-cost real-time stability indicator and automated system to prevent rear overturn.

FReSH - Establishing the Farm and Ranch eXtension in Safety and Health

International community of Practice through eXtension of 100 plus agricultural safety and health professionals to develop and review material on the site.

Safety and Health Management Planning for General Farmers and Ranchers

Provides management guidelines and examples for farm and ranch operations.

Guidelines for Organizing and Conducting a Tractor Safety Training Workshop.

Manual that provides detailed instructions for employers on organizing and conducting a safe tractor training workshop.

Safety and Health in On-Farm Biomass Feedstock Production

Exploring safety and health aspects of on-farm biomass production.

SAY - Safety in Agriculture for Youth Project

Establish a national clearinghouse for agricultural safety and health curriculum and resources aligned with AFNR Career Cluster Standards.

AgrAbility for Pennsylvanians

Provides services to farmers that have difficulties completing farm tasks because of a long term health condition or injury.

Website:  AgrAbility for PA