Farmers Learn Grain Marketing Strategies at Workshop
December 18, 2012
A post-harvest grain marketing workshop helps farmers determine whether they should sell or store their grain.
Suzanne Boarts Receives Award
December 4, 2012
Selection & Care of Cut Christmas Trees
December 3, 2012
Despite the popularity and life-like appearance of modern artificial trees, nothing says “Christmas” like the fragrance a cut, live Christmas tree brings to your home. Beyond the initial set up and making sure it always has water, a well-selected cut tree is not much more trouble than an artificial one. And you do not have to worry about storing it for the rest of the year!
Local Farmers and Agricultural Employees Attend Cover Crop Field Day
November 19, 2012
A field day was held this month to view cover crop establishment and growth in Western Pennsylvania.
Armstrong County 4-H Receives Proclamation
November 15, 2012
Brown Knapweed Found in Horse Pasture Earlier This Fall
November 2, 2012
A horse owner reported a neurological condition in her horse believed to be caused by the ingestion of Brown knapweed.
Armstrong County 4-H Club Participates in Eco-Bot Challenge
October 12, 2012
Members of the Young Ruff Riders 4-H Club simulated to be engineers and helped clean-up Bailey Beach with their Eco-Bot that they created.
Penn State Extension Holds ServSafe Food Safety Classes
October 11, 2012
Penn State Extension prides itself in this training as 98% of the participants in the Penn State ServSafe Course pass the exam for the PA Food Employee Certification Act.