Meat Goat Associations

National Associations

AMGA works to promote meat goats and enhance consumer demand in the retail market.

Programs and information designed to promote improvement and growth of the Boer goat breed.

The official organization of Kiko breeders and owners in North America.

The IKGA was established to preserve and advance the Kiko breed.

Promoting registration of American-bred Boer goats.

International Associations

Formed in 2002, CNGF exists to provide a united voice dealing with national issues of the goat industry in Canada.

Provides animal registration, member education and industry promotion in Canada.

Formed to promote interest in and improve knowledge of goats within the veterinary profession.

Working to improve the goat industry through producer support and promotion of Boer goat genetics.

Serves to promote and advance the Kiko goat breed.

Acts as a focal point for goatkeeping and breed improvement in the United Kingdom.