Youth Volunteers At 2014 PA Horse World Expo Civil War Presentation

Posted: April 21, 2014

Ryan “Pinchie” Pinchback, demonstrates a Civil War attire worn by infantry soldiers.
Ryan "Pinchie" Pinchback

Ryan "Pinchie" Pinchback

"Join the Cavalry: A Look at Civil War Re-enacting"

  • During the 2014 PA Horse World Expo, Brenda Brown and Jeff Harrison provided a presentation in Seminar Hall B, sponsored by Penn State University and PA Equine Council.
  • The presentation enabled the audience to experience what the soldiers endured during battle.
  • The presenters explained the everyday existence of the soldier and displayed many of the actual equipment utilized. Soldiers on horseback are involved in the re-enactments, for the horse played an important role during battles such as at Gettysburg.

Ryan “Pinchie” Pinchback, 12 years old, from Stroudsburg, PA, volunteered during the presentation to be attired in the battle equipment a soldier would need to carry.

  • "Pinchie" always enjoys learning about Civil War history, through reading and attending events such as the seminar at the Horse World Expo.
  • He relates to his historic ancestry, for his late grandfather, Dr. Monford D. Custer of Winchester, VA, makes Ryan a descendant of General George Armstrong Custer.
  • When the presenters asked for a volunteer to wear the uniform and equipment of a Civil War soldier, Ryan enthusiastically volunteered.
  • Though he is use to wearing a uniform as a Boy Scout, he was surprised of the uncomfortable materials and the weight of equipment a Civil War soldier bears.
  • By "Pinchie's" willingness to volunteer, the audience was able to witness the efforts a soldier had to take to dress for battle.
  • While Ryan's sister is the avid horse person, he looks forward to being a re-enactor one day, even if it means being in the infantry. Currently, Ryan loves games of all kinds and is a member of his school's chess club, a sports enthusiast, especially football, tennis and fencing.