Penn State Students Awarded the Vern Hazlett Outstanding Barn Worker

Posted: December 22, 2014

Congratulations to Ashleigh Egan and Jena Shaffer for being awarded the Vern Hazlett outstanding barn worker award during the Penn State Animal Science Departmental Holiday luncheon!

Vern Hazlett Outstanding Barn Worker Award

Each year a Penn State University student is awarded the outstanding barn worker award for providing numerous hours and dedicated hours in fulfilling their responsibilities for the care of animals in the several Penn State species' barns. The Vern Hazlett award is awarded in the dedication of the Alumnus, Vern Hazlett, long time swine herdsmen. Student workers from all species barns are considered for the award.

During a typical year one student is recognized to receive this award, but this year the presentation was unique. There was a tie between two students who met the high standards needed to receive this award. Therefore, both students, Ashleigh Egan and Jena Shaffer were awarded a dual recognition for their efforts. Both girls have been involved with equine their entire lives.