Bradford County Equine Management Workshop a Success

Posted: September 26, 2014

A workshop event was recently held for horse owners that where interested in learning more about how to take better care of the animals that they love.

Bradford County Equine Management Workshop

  • Held August 26 and September 16 at Infinity Farms, Gillette, PA - hosts Ellen and Carl Sisco.
  • Attendees included both local people and some as far away as Syracuse NY, with interest in the proceedings as far away as Utica NY.
  • It was a hands-on workshop that was held at a local horse farm with the opportunity to take pasture walks, look at rotational grazing systems, and see the components of a functional facilities.
  • Topics covered ranged from facility design, manure storage and composting designs, sacrifice areas, and other pasture related information.

Pasture Education

  • With pastures being the place where horses spend most of their time, this topic demanded the most attention.
  • Weed ID, toxic weeds, weed control, pasture rotation, pasture maintenance, pasture forage selection, lime and fertilizer requirements, soil sample results analysis were topics included during the workshop.
  • Each participant received a large binder of information for future reference. Everyone went away with information to enable them to turn their pastures into green, lush, high producing parcels of land.

Collaborative Effort

  • The workshop was a collaborative effort between Penn State University Extension Equine, the Bradford County Conservation District, the PA Grazing Land Conservation Coalition, the Cargill Feed Company and the location hosts.

As equine and other grazing enterprises increase exponentially in the area Bradford County Conservation District would like to continue to hold more educational workshops and meetings similar to this event.

If anyone is interested in hosting or has prospective ideas for workshops/meetings, please call Kevin Brown, Bradford County Conservation District, at 570-265-5539 ext. 101.