Economic Impact and Population Study

Overall, the equine industry provides 20,300 jobs annually to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The equine industry of Pennsylvania is the second largest animal agricultural industry in PA and directly accounts for over $10 billion of economic activity for Pennsylvania’s economy. There are currently 216,000 horses, mules, donkey and burros raised on 31,000 different locations across Pennsylvania. Equine owners devote 1.14 million acres of land in Pennsylvania for equine purposes with associated assets totaling nearly $8.27 billion.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, through the State Horse and Harness Racing Commission, contracted with The Pennsylvania State University to conduct an Economic Impact Study of the Pennsylvania Equine Industry in 2003. The survey was mailed to a random selection of individuals throughout all sectors of the equine community in Fall 2002.

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Goals of the Study


The project assesses the composition and nature of Pennsylvania’s horse industry including its direct and indirect impact on the state’s economy through sales, employment, and taxes and its less tangible contributions to the quality of life of equine owners and participants in equine activities.


Knowledge of the current scope of the equine industry is important for enhancing government and citizen understanding.

Results of the Study

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Full study results of this Economic Impact Study

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Study results for racehorse industry only