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Summer is a Critical Time to Watch for Poisonous Plants in our Pastures
July 26, 2017
Horses, cattle, sheep, and goats will generally avoid poisonous plants. Grazing animals seem to have an innate sense of which plants are okay to consume and which to avoid. However, in pastures which have become overgrazed or brown from drought they will be more apt to sample less palatable species including poisonous broadleaves.
Manage your pasture as a crop.
Grazing Systems for Livestock and Horses
March 21, 2017
Grazing strategies to choose from... pick one that best matches your management system for your operation.
Helene McKernan, Retired PSU Extension Educator
Horse Owners - Are you Ready for Spring?
March 10, 2017
Tips for spring horse keeping.
Crocus are the first to green up
Spring Plants - Poisonous to Horses, Dogs and Cats
March 10, 2017
Make sure you know what plants are toxic to your horses and pets.
Common Sense Fencing for Horses
March 10, 2017
Is the fence visible? Any fence type to be safe and reliable requires planning and proper instillation.

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