Nutrient and Feed Management

Animal nutrition and feeding management are the essential components to controlling nitrogen and phosphorus levels in manure.

Changes made in these areas can have a tremendous impact on how manure can be applied to fields and the levels of nutrients in the soil. Programs are designed to educate agricultural professionals and producers on strategies to implement precision nutrition and simple feeding management protocols.

The area of nutrient management encompasses many disciplines. The major areas include crops, economics, health, manure, nutrition, policy, storage, and water quality. The policy and regulations developed at the Federal and State level have the ultimate goal of protecting water resources. Improving and maintaining water quality is possible without jeopardizing the agricultural industry’s future. Best management practices can be implemented by livestock producers that enhance farm productivity and environmental stewardship. The Dairy Team provides educational materials and resources that assist the farming community in dealing with current environmental issues.

The Dairy Team does not focus just on the current issues challenging its clientele, but is proactive on the potential future problems, such as air quality. Producers are already contending with the public on odor concerns. In addition, ammonia emissions and particulate matter will be on the forefront of regulations and policies implemented. As educators, it is our role to provide options to solve these complicated and integrated problems.