New Job Description Generator Makes Preparing Job Descriptions Easier

Posted: January 4, 2006

Having clear and concise job descriptions in place is vital for employee success on the farm. But even though job descriptions are important, most producers don’t want to take the time to write them.

Penn State Dairy Alliance has launched the Job Description Generator, an online tool that automates the process so preparing a job description is quick and easy. “The Job Description Generator transforms writing a job description from an hour-long chore into a five-minute, online task,” explains Richard Stup, human resource specialist with Dairy Alliance and creator of the Job Description Generator.

The Job Description Generator streamlines the process of writing job descriptions for dairy production technicians, middle and senior managers. “Basically, the web application allows a producer (or adviser) to fill in information about the farm, use a checklist to select duties for the position, and then simply print a formatted, customized job description,” notes Stup. The job description can also be saved for later editing with a word processor.

The Job Description Generator can be found at

This site also contains links to other helpful human resource reference material including: sample job descriptions for parlor managers and parlor operators; occupational profiles for dairy production technicians, middle managers, and senior managers; as well as the publication “Job Descriptions: The Building Block of Organizations,” which describes the importance of job descriptions and how they can be used for more effective human resource management.

For more information about human resource management on the dairy farm, visit the Dairy Alliance website or contact Richard Stup at 888-373-7232 or
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