Reimbursing Your Team Members

Some advisers who participate on your team will expect to be paid for their time. Others may serve on your team in exchange for your patronage to their products and services. And if an adviser charges on a per-hour basis, this gives additional incentive to keep your meeting short and focused, which all team members will appreciate.

To keep your costs lower, plan your team meetings on dates that coincide with a scheduled visit by the veterinarian or accountant. Whether or not the adviser is paid or unpaid, it is very important to individually negotiate what the fees will be before the start of the first meeting.

Other Benefits

From the agribusiness adviser's perspective, an advisory team provides a positive forum for building a stronger relationship with you, the producer, and provides opportunities for networking with others in the industry.

The team allows all of the advisers to discuss issues and hear firsthand, what everyone's opinion is on a topic. For example, during a planning discussion for a new barn, the veterinarian might be interested in handling areas for animals while the nutritionist is interested in space at the feedbunk.

Meanwhile, the lender is evaluating the total cost of the project. The producer wants comfortable cows that are easily handled, that eat well, and that are housed in a barn that fits his financial situation.

The team helps to ensure that all aspects of decision-making are taken into account and the producer is able to find the best possible solution. Advisers better understand each other's point of view, and the whole process takes a lot less time than if the producer had to "carry" information from one person to the next to get all the advice needed to make a sound decision. Everyone wins! Progress is faster with a team and everyone likes progress.

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Reimbursing Your Team Members

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