Reorganizing Your Team

At times it can be beneficial to reorganize your dairy team.

Is it Time for a Team Checkup?

As with sports teams, your team will benefit from some attention in this area as well. Sometimes a team needs to learn more about team dynamics, conflict resolution skills, to know that some stress on the team is needed to produce the best results, listening skills, refine the rules, to improve its habits or organization for better performance and time efficiency, etc. Stepping back and asking, "Could we do our team work better?" is a good start. Periodically (at least once a year), review how the team is functioning and the roles of the team members.

  • Is it time to ask someone else to coordinate?
  • Is each person comfortable in his or her role?
  • Are things getting done in a timely fashion?
  • Have any of the team members indicated they would like a break

Sometimes people on your team want to use their time in another way but don't do anything about it because they are afraid they might lose your business account or friendship. Often they are relieved when given the opportunity to move off the team. Most dairy advisory teams have plenty of farm issues to work out. Don't forget to spend at least some of your team time on the organization and the process of making a team function smoothly. The pay-off: a Dairy Advisory Team that works for your farm.

Situations Change

In sports, first-string team members need to be replaced during the season for various reasons. The same is true of advisory teams. Situations change and the team composition needs to change to match the changing conditions. Good football coaches and team coordinators know when to make substitutions. However, making changes to the team is disruptive so this disruption must be weighed against the benefits of making substitutions.

Reasons to Consider Team Reorganization

Important issues and opportunities change. New issues emerge, requiring new expertise.

Issues with team members can also trigger reorganization. Some team members inevitably will leave the area or discontinue working with your herd. Or a member may not work well in the team — not attending, not contributing, being dictatorial, or in some other way being unwilling to serve as a functional part of your team.

Or, new team members may be necessary. A new resource person can provide significant advisory services to your farm and can enhance team function.

Making a Smooth Transition

Discuss possible additions to the team with the team members to establish general agreement and acceptance of the new team member.

Discuss privately with the team member who is being replaced the reasons that his or her participation in the team no longer contributes to team function and progress

Provide orientation for new team members to introduce them to the other team members, how the team functions, and those issues being addressed by your team

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Reorganizing Your Team

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