What data is required to use the Tool?

The PA Dairy Tool is a web-based system that requires the collection and input of various financial and production data.

The following three pdf files can be printed out and used to collect the data required to input into the Prep Cash Input Form or directly into the online PA Dairy Tool:

Questions about entering financial data may be directed to these Extension educators:

For more information about the Dairy Resource Team Program, visit the Center for Dairy Excellence Web site.

PDF, 78.7 kB

A quick guide to how to collect the farm's financial data. Explains cash versus accrual basis for accounting and the information needed prior to collecting data.

Microsoft Excel, 943.5 kB

(Excel file; revised July 2008)

Microsoft Excel, 940.0 kB

(Excel file; revised July 2008)

PDF, 20.3 kB

The balance sheet lists all assets and liabilities. Use this form to collect and record all the information needed to calculate total asses and liabilities and other inputs. (pdf file; revised June 2008)

PDF, 84.1 kB

Use this data sheet to collect all revenue and expense information for multiple categories, such as labor expenses or machinery repairs. (pdf file; revised June 2008)

PDF, 17.8 kB

Use this form to organize data from the balance sheet and income/expense sheet before netering the data into the PA Dairy Tool. Additional information is collected in this form, such as farm specific goals and DHIA information. (pdf file; revised June 2008)