Best Milking Practices Evaluating Your Routine

Best Milking Practices is a program offered to dairy producers, employees, and milkers to help increase the quality of milk that is produced in Pennsylvania.

The purpose of this program is to teach the use of consistent milking practices that emphasize teat cleanliness, udder stimulation, and rapid milk flow while performing the most important job on the farm. Milking consistency affects cow well-being, mastitis risks, and milk output. Participants will learn about the importance of early detection of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis and proper treatment protocols. After completion of this program, participants will have the essential tools to produce high-quality milk on their farm. This, in turn, will increase income through increased milk production, increased premium benefits and decreased cost of treatment.

Program presented by Greg Strait, Penn State Extension Dairy Team.

Additional Resources

Archived Webinar: Evaluating Your Routine
March 17, 2015